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Play Games, Plant Trees, Earn NFTs

Using NFTs to usher in regenerative Gaming

Why Forests

Playing Games for the Planet

Regenerative Gaming

Part of each transaction will go towards planting trees and we will also track the impact on chain with our regen impact dashboard

Planetary Impact

Part of each transaction inside games will go towards planting trees with our Tree Planting Partners

Reward System

Each tree will be minted as a unique NFT that will both represent the tree and digital asset inside the game.

API Integration

Plugin Regenerative API’s into your Reward System

Register to use Wuji Regenerative Rewards Engine API to start making trees get planted from any reason you’d like.

Lets Make Regenerating the Planet Fun and Easy


Making Regenerative Actions Easy & Fun

Join the Regenerative Gaming Movement

Wuji is pioneering Regen Gaming and wants your help to help make this happen. Sign up below today and become an Earth Defender